Top 10 MOT failures

10 March 2022

Top 10 MOT failures

So it's time for the dreaded MOT? Here is a list of the top ten MOT failures so you can make sure you and your car are ready! 

1. Blown Bulbs 

A failed bulb is the most common of MOT failures, this is something you can easily check before MOT day so put all lights on and back up to a wall so you can check all your lights are working. Bulbs are fairly cheap and this is something you can do at home 99% of the time. Some car parts shops will even change the bulb for free if you buy it from them. 

2. Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are another common fault. They can split and become ineffective with age. If they do not clear the windscreen adequately then this is also an MOT failure. This is another job you can easily undertake at home with windscreen wipers being readily available and easy to fit. It is also worth mentioning that the windscreen washers also need to be working at the time of the MOT so ensure this washer fluid is topped up and the jets are not blocked. 

3. Tyres

Tyres are number 3 on the list. Check for any bulges, cracks or heavy damage and also tread depth needs to be more than 1.6mm. This is easy to check yourself with a 20p piece put in between the grooves in the tread. 

4. Brakes

Brakes, a most important safety feature but often overlooked. Listen out for an squealing or grinding noises when braking and park on a hill to check your handbrake. Excessive travel is a common failure on MOT. 

5. The Exhaust System and Emissions

The exhaust system itself and the emissions from it are also common MOT failure points. Check your exhaust system is secure by making sure the car is cold and giving it a tap with your foot. It should move a little but not wobble excessively. Check for corrosion and listen for leaks when the car is running. As for emissions make sure your car is serviced regularly and it should take car of itself. 

6. Wing Mirror

Wing Mirrors, this is also a surprisingly common failure. They need to be clean and clear, fixed securely and in serviceable condition from an adjustment point of view. Replacement of a wing mirror is something that most confident DIY'ers can do and this is something we can certainly help with! 

7. Engine and other Warning Lights

Warning lights on the dash or instrument cluster are also considered a MOT failure. Any warning light should be investigated and resolved prior to an MOT test. 

8. Seatbelts 

Seatbelts need to be in good condition with no fraying and retract fully when released. A visual check is all that is needed here. 

9. Suspension

Suspension gets a hard time with the condition of the UK roads. Listen for knocks and bangs when going over bumps. If there is anything that can be heard inside the car it is best to get it checked out to avoid an MOT failure.  

10. Number plates 

Registration plates need to be legible, clean and have the lights working to pass an MOT. If you would struggle to read it so with the MOT tester so make sure it is in good condition, not cracked or dirty and readable at a distance. 

I hope this helps you prepare for your next MOT, get in touch with us if you need any help with parts!