Wing Mirror Cover Cap

wing mirror cover cap

Wing/door mirror covers/caps are available for a wide range of vehicle applications as a lower-level repair. This is a more cost effective and quicker solution to replacing the complete wing mirror unit, where only the cover itself is damaged. The covers are designed to match the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design.

Mirror covers/caps are mainly manufactured using ABS plastic and for most applications are available in grained/textured black plastic or in grey smooth primer (supplied ready to be painted). A limited number of vehicle applications have chrome finish mirror covers/caps available.

For certain applications, lower wing mirror covers are supplied complete with the integrated side repeater turn signal indicator.

Installation process varies by vehicle model and mirror design but generally requires trim removal and/or torx screwdrivers. Some covers are replaceable without removing the mirror glass, whilst some covers require a partial strip-down of the mirror unit to replace.

It's important to ensure compatibility with your vehicle's make, model, and year when purchasing wing mirror covers. If you are unsure, please email us with vehicle details and photos and we can confirm which parts are compatible.